August 13, 2022


Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Package – Assessment and Swatches

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Luscious Cosmetics offered their Face Contour Package final 12 months of their wide variety of goods. Happily i were given the risk to check out this package which i received from beautiful fellow bloggers on their giveaway at Make-up Beasties. In these days’s publish i will be able to proportion my ideas and swatches in this good looks.
Product description
Logo claims that this package will mean you can spotlight, outline and sculpt in a couple of simple steps.
Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Package Components Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Package contour information Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Package Sunglasses Shut up
 Darkish Contour, Medium Contour Powder, Highlighter and Illuminator Swatches
Comparability of Contour Powders from  MUR Coverage Palette Gentle/Medium, Swish Face Shape Gentle and Luscious Face Contour Package  
My ThoughtsThis contour package is available in mustard colour sq. tin packaging with indentations which seems stunning. This type of packaging makes it highest for touring. The package comprises 4 powder sun shades, two for contouring, one highlighter and one illuminator. The feel of all powders are very cushy, buttery and simple to mix. The pigmentation could be very spectacular as neatly and i might say watch out at making use of those sun shades, get started with gentle hand after which construct additional. Luscious claims to create make-up to fit Asian pores and skin tones particularly and this package has to satisfy this declare as neatly and for my part it did. All 4 sun shades have their separate goal and i like how it’s outlined of their information. Allow us to learn the way each and every color will have to be used.Darkish Contour color is outlined for contouring jaw line and cheeks. It’s darkish brown color with heat hues and is highest for medium pores and skin tones. It’s darkest then Swish contour powder from their gentle face shape. I appreciated the speculation how Luscious created separate color to create intensity for jaw traces the place we most commonly search for extra intensity then every other a part of face.Medium Contour color is outlined for contouring brow, facets of nostril or chin for extraordinarily impartial effects. It’s medium brown color with heat undertones and is nearly identical however slight darkish to Swish contour powder from gentle face shape.Highlighter is to focus on cheek bones, cupid’s bow, forehead bone, brow or for every other function you wish to have to emphasise. That is shimmery peach color lighter and extra yellow then to NYX Born To Glow Illuminator in Gleam and darker then Sigma Brown highlighter in Deliver To Gentle. The shimmer could be very superb and on mixing does not glance glittery. Because it has extra yellow undertones so chances are you’ll to find it delicate however it is rather herbal and highest for each day.Illuminator is described as secret formulation that mimics gentle. Use it for attractive glow beneath eyes, at the bridge of nostril, middle of your brow or chin. It’s stunning white pearlescent color and blends superbly. The sun shades is much less shimmery and extra white then Essence Cinderella Highlighter the Glass Slipper. It has superb shimmer which upon mixing does not glance glittery. It isn’t each day highlighter, it serves the aim of little extra then highlighter. It’s for particular occasions when you wish to have additional extraordinary glow which isn’t delicate however now not too glittery. However with gentle hand you’ll be able to use it for normal use. It may be highest color for storbing goal.Total i’m in point of fact inspired with this package. It unquestionably is best then Swish Face Shape in Gentle. The contour powders are extra pigmented and lengthy lasting. I simplest want it had much less value.In Want

Marvelous packaging
All sun shades are extremely pigmented
Cushy, simple to mix
Highlighter and Illuminator don’t seem to be glittery
Lengthy lasting

Now not in Want

My Ranking

Luscious Cosmetics Face Contour Package is priced PKR2250

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