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Why Does Octopath Traveler really feel so repetitive and uninteresting? and what may devs be told from it?

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OT is most probably some of the loved video games that wink on the 16-bit generation that many avid gamers grew up with, bringing a nostalgic really feel that few video games set up to the touch. However now with out its just right proportion of problems.

Octopath Traveler is NOT A BAD GAME AT ALL… The graphics are stunningly gorgeous. The song, particularly the boss topics, is an absolute blast. The struggle mechanics, a perfect replace to the vintage 16-bit generation.

Alternatively, not like different video games, I began to note the very same critique: “it’s surprising… however uninteresting”. And in my view, it’s a sentiment I completely proportion. This sport was once so promising however… it lacked one thing and I grew bored of it.

Pushed by way of interest, I made a number of polls about which JRPG sport you WOULD NOT suggest amongst 4 video games from the Transfer (Octopath, Dragon Quest XI, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Ys VII) and Octopath was once constantly voted because the least really helpful (to many lovers’ wonder, for a complete of 382 votes), nearly DOUBLING the selection of votes from the 2d much less appreciated the sport, which was once Xenoblade Chronicles – Definitive Version (with 200 votes).

Their explanation why? Once more, “It’s uninteresting!”, “I couldn’t trouble to complete it”, “the storyline is bland”.

As an aspiring Sport Developer, I discovered this example intriguing. It’s the primary time I’ve observed any such a success sport get the similar form of critique shooting up in a continuing means that I determined to dive and seek which facets made the sport so uninteresting after some time for numerous gamers.

After enjoying different JRPG’s, OT’s flaws have been straight away obtrusive to me, and I am hoping this checklist will function a footprint of ways NOT to make a JRPG:


Within the video games of the 16-bit generation, it was once commonplace that RPG’s dungeons had some linearity to them, a facet that OT emulates beautiful neatly… whilst being extremely uninteresting after some time. One thing that didn’t truly didn’t occur in older video games like Ultimate Delusion 6, and the reason being that OT lacks one thing that different video games had that I name “Dungeon Dynamics”, which is the way in which you whole a dungeon.

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In Octopath Traveler you simply cross from “front” to “boss spot” like in the event you went thru a loooooong hall with little deviations to get some chests. And that’s it. EVERY SINGLE DUNGEON IS PLAYED THE SAME, making this side an overly linear, uninteresting, and unengaging enjoy for numerous gamers, the place the one distinction of 1 dungeon from every other is a somewhat other structure, other visuals, and the monsters.


If you are taking a sport like Ultimate Delusion 9 you are going to realize the complete opposite of this factor. NO DUNGEON IS PLAYED THE SAME. Each unmarried one has its quirks past the visuals: The Ice Cave the place Vivi can soften down some partitions, piquing your interest to peer what may well be at the back of that frozen wall. In Fossil Roo you need to pull switches to modify the go with the flow of water to both succeed in hidden chests or as a way to cross ahead. In FF6 you need to seek and push some buttons within the Magitek manufacturing facility to stay going. In few phrases, each unmarried dungeon has its very personal and distinctive dynamics in type of mini-puzzles which might be simple sufficient to unravel and stay you entertained, making the reviews very other regardless of having the similar elementary construction.


Upon getting in the course of the 1st bankruptcy of each and every personality you possibly can have already spotted one thing that makes you’re feeling find it irresistible has change into repetitive. The tale construction, which matches like this:

Octopath traveler towns

1) Move to The town A.

2) Tale construction. Be expecting some “plot twist”.

3) Move to the dungeon this is simply beside town.

4) Move in the course of the linear dungeon to seek out the boss.

5) Defeat the boss.

6) Extra tale with some “plot twist”.

7) Move to The town B. And repeat advert nauseam… 32 TIMES!

It’s a construction that has NO VARIATIONS and provides every other layer to the entire enjoy that makes it really feel very mechanic, predictable, and repetitive.

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It’s beautiful obtrusive why this construction was once made, even though: To save lots of time because the crew needed to write 8 other tales, so that they couldn’t truly give themselves the posh of writing tales that had “arcs” that lasted longer than the others, thus, sacrificing numerous spontaneity {that a} correct tale construction has.


Any other CRITICAL side of a likable tale is not just how neatly fleshed out the characters are, however how they in truth have interaction with each and every different and watch how their movements have an effect on different characters that cause them to evolve in fascinating tactics. However in OT this is nonexistent too.

OT’s defenders argue that “they’re 8 other tales, they have been supposed to expand independently.” And they’re kinda proper in principle, however in observe, the sport falls into an overly contradicting factor.

What may be able to make Olberic lend a hand an entire stranger damage right into a mansion and thieve? Why would Primrose lend a hand an acolyte whole a pilgrimage this is solely alien to her objectives?

The opportunity of an overly deep, intriguing, fascinating, or even unpredictable construction is there to take… most effective to sit down at the facets with all that misplaced possible for a tale that may have advanced into epic proportions.

The surroundings was once INCREDIBLY promising: 8 tales that might slowly attach, however that in truth by no means occurs UNTIL THE NEAR END, if you have already finished like 95% of the sport! Certain, they’ve some chit chat between chapters which might be non-compulsory to peer, however they’re superficial and supply nearly not anything to the improvement of the tale, which makes them a chore to learn after some time because of how beside the point they’re to the tale and their obtrusive disconnection from one to every other.


Whilst it’s conceivable to make the tales attach, it’s unimaginable to take action with out sacrificing the participant’s freedom of ways s/he desires the nature’s tales to expand since some linearity can be inevitable. However giving the participant COMPLETE freedom will lead to disconnected tales that really feel bland.


octopath traveler break system

OT’s Wreck Gadget is an cutting edge machine however at the price of making the participant too overfocused on it.

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One main flaw is if the participant doesn’t benefit from the Wreck Gadget, the sport critically punishes him by way of dragging out the battles since the harm completed is just too low.

Any other factor is that in the event you occur to run right into a dungeon stuffed with monsters with X weak spot and none of your characters have assaults of stated part or weapon, get ready for a LOOOOONG struggle, a subject this is much more accentuated with the Boss battles that may really feel like hours in case your crew occurs to lack the talents or guns wanted.

This sole factor is sufficient to make the participant focal point so rattling a lot at the Wreck Gadget that it leaves little room for different strategic parts since the participant feels rewarded to wreck the enemies as speedy as conceivable or else face a dragged-on struggle, making different alternatives much less related.

Which means whenever you get an entire figuring out of which assaults to make use of, nearly part the battles can be completed to your 1st flip with out ever giving the monsters an opportunity to behave by way of the use of the SAME assaults and talents within the SAME ORDER, one thing I’ve by no means skilled prior to so continuously and that strips numerous the problem to the sport, making numerous the adventure simple and too linear


I imagine the cause of this overfocus was once since the praise was once too prime and the other was once a dragged and lengthy struggle. If you wish to have a participant to make use of a definite struggle mechanic, make the praise just right sufficient, however to not the purpose of constructing different choices beside the point. For my part? I’d’ve made the Wreck Gadget like this:

1) If a monster is susceptible to lightning, hearth assaults nonetheless deal the similar harm as an alternative of much less.

2) As an alternative of knocking the monster and lose a flip, it might most effective make it weaker to all assaults. That means maximum battles would’ve been more difficult.


Whilst it’s comprehensible that now not everybody likes aspect quests (and even mini-games), they’re additionally a staple in each just right JRPG. OT’s aspect quests? They’re slightly there within the figurative sense.

In OT they have been so rattling difficult to understand, with slightly any guidelines that when a whilst you would totally fail to remember about them or even now not care because of how little main points you possibly can get from them.


In (once more) FF9 maximum aspect quests are simple to keep in mind as a result of that they had little and loyal reminders as you advanced within the sport in very refined tactics with out the desire of a log.

When exploring you possibly can to find cash which might be a part of the Stellazio coin assortment. Each mog you met that served as a save level was once additionally a part of the Mognet letter supply quest. Each new marsh you arrived at reminds you of Quina’s frog collecting. And each Chocobo observe observed at the global map was once additionally a reminder of the pleasant monsters’ battles.


Let’s face it, tale high quality is likely one of the maximum subjective facets of any videogame, however something is plain: the tale high quality is likely one of the maximum valued facets in any JRPG given how they’re strongly story-driven video games.

Once more, in a small ballot, Storyline had greater than double the votes as probably the most valued side in a JRPG, adopted by way of struggle mechanics.

Octopath Traveler’s storylines don’t seem to be dangerous, they’re simply reasonable at absolute best, and rarely memorable because of how the construction needed to be made. So, if you’re a participant who loves a really well fleshed-out personality construction, just right plot twists, and an intriguing tale, for many critics (myself incorporated), this sport will fall brief for you.

However once more, it truly will depend on your requirements and what kind of you price this side that can be a verge of collapse into purchasing this sport or simply keep away from it.

QUICK RECommendations: Different unfashionable rpgs it’s possible you’ll wish to take a look at as an alternative


OT is undeniably surprising with its visuals which is likely one of the absolute best a few of the “unfashionable” trending that truly itches that tick for a 16-bit glance and a go back to that wonderful SNES generation. However the problems like repetitive gameplay, repetitive dungeons, loss of puzzles, loss of significant personality interplay, and bland storylines go away A LOT to be desired from this sport.

Certain, numerous gamers gained’t thoughts a linear dungeon, or repetitive gameplay, or a bland storyline so long as different facets of the sport make up for it… however they all in combination is a certain recipe to make A LOT of gamers extremely bored of your sport, or even drop it halfway.

OT looks like that REALLY BEAUTIFUL woman (or boy, in the event you’re a gamer woman 😉 ) that you’d LOVE to have a female friend and occurs to love you again… most effective to determine after a few dates that she’s uninteresting, with a serious loss of subjects to discuss and with little in commonplace. You truly wish to love her because of how surprising and adorable she appears, however… the spark will not be there.

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